PB&J Creative

Penguins on Lake Michigan. Chefs on street corners. A doghouse in front of a jewelry store. These are some of the ways we’ve broken with convention to break through the clutter. We do what it takes-print, video, digital, plastic penguins on a frozen lake-to reach, engage, and compel an audience. Our clients benefit with greater awareness, deeper customer engagement, and yes, better sales.

Our office is housed in what was our community's first hospital. It's surrounded by wetlands and hardwood forest and is walking distance to one of Michigan's most renowned trout streams. Truly inspiring.


Smart, strategically driven creative is our bread and butter (pun, seriously intended). As a result, our work has garnered recognition from as far away as Vienna, Austria to our own Midwestern backyard. We take this as proof that real, honest work resonates with everyone, regardless of country or culture. Good work works better. Enough said.

Client Family